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Jojoba Oil
While jojoba feels and looks like oil, it’s actually a wax ester and is closest in characteristics to the skin’s natural sebum (an oily substance naturally secreted by sebaceous glands). Jojoba oil draws moisture to the skin and blocks against moisture loss. Use it on your hair to add shine.

Sunflower Oil
It’s not exotic as some oils, but sunflower oil is a very good skin healer. Researchers have found it beneficial for the skin of pre-term babies and newborns. It’s beneficial for after-shave bumps and irritation.

Rosehip Oil
Vitamin C makes rosehop oil a premier skin oil.  It’s useful for wrinkles, aging skin and scars. South American indigenous people have used it for hundreds of years for its healing properties.

Argan Oil
While it seems counterintuitive to apply oil to acne prone skin, argan oil is one of the few oils that can be used. It helps to balance oils in the skin. It’s also high in vitamin E and can be applied to the hair, skin and nails.

Flaxseed Oil
You may know of flaxseed for its Omega-3 benefits in the body. Flaxseed oil offers the same fantastic benefits for the skin, especially for wrinkles and fine lines.