All of the grapes that go into our wines are estate grown, and hand-picked from family owned and operated vineyards that date back to the 1950’s. In addition to our organic certification, Girasole wines are also vegan friendly and are grown in GMO-free Mendocino County.


Charlie Barra planted the home ranch, Redwood Valley Vineyards, in 1955, and has farmed approximately 200 acres of organic varietal wine grapes ever since. Sitting on the benchlands above the headwaters of the Russian River in Mendocino County, the vineyards share the land with five ponds, open space for wildlife and pasture for smaller animals. All water used for irrigation and frost protection is from winter run-off from the pristine watersheds that surround the vineyards.

In the early stages of developing the ranch, Charlie was instrumental in changing the method of picking grapes, going from wooden lugs carried by pickers to large metal gondolas which were taken into the field on trailers and then loaded by forklift on trucks to go to the winery. He was one of the first grape farmers in the North Coast of California to use water for over-head frost protection, a system developed in Israel and Germany in the early 1960’s. And today, we’re still picking grapes the way Charlie’s grandfather did over 100 years ago…by hand!

Charlie also fought for many state regulations that changed the way growers were paid for their grapes, worked for creation of the first appellation in the United States, and served for forty years on the board of directors of the California North Coast Grape Growers Association with the goal of enhancing the economic climate for the entire California wine industry.

Organic Farming

Charlie likes to say that he’s “been farming organically for 50 years; the first 30 I didn’t know it. There was no organic certification process. Prior to World War II, growing without commercial chemicals and fertilizers was standard procedure." The vineyards have been certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers for the past 20 years.

Certification requires that our grapes are grown without conventional pesticides or herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. Bell beans, red clover, peas and vetch are planted between the rows of vines, and then, just when the flowering plants are turning to either seed or starting to bear fruit, the plants are turned back into the soil where they are converted to nutrients for the vines. The soils are alive with micro-organisms that allow the vines to take up the nutrients in a more efficient manner.

Charlie and our employees made 1,100 cement end posts that are used to replace the creosote-soaked wooden posts that are still used in most traditionally-farmed vineyards. This is just another example of our commitment to making as healthy a vineyard as possible.

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Girasole Vineyards Hybrid Red
Your first impression of this tasty red blend (70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah, 10% Petite Sirah, and 5 % Zinfandel) is its deep red ruby color and aromas of a bowl of ripe black cherries and light dried herbs. Buy your organic wines from Organic Wine Exchange below

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