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1 US Highway Marker
2 Interstate Route Marker
3 Information
4 Speed limit indicator
5 Hospital
6 Petrol
7 Diesel
8 Stop sign ahead. Prepare to stop.
9 Four-way stop : traffic from all four directions must stop. First vehicle to reach intersection should move first.
10 Yield ahead.
11 Slow down and give vehicles crossing your path their right-of-way.
12 Highway is crossed by road. Look to left and right for cars.
13 No entry : one-way road with traffic coming towards you.
14 You are heading the wrong way on an expressway exit ramp. Turn around immediately.
15 Divided highway ahead. Stay on right side of divider.
16 Divided highway ends.
17 Lane is added (from right).
18 Traffic merges (from right).
19 Traffic in both directions.
20 Only follow directions of arrows.
21 Sharp curve. Slow down and keep to the right.
22 Traffic in this lane must go in the direction indicated.
23 Center lane is used for left turns from both directions.
24 No turn (left).
25 No turn (right) at this intersection.
26 No 180° turns allowed on this road.
27 Lane is reserved for certain purposes or vehicles. Requirements and hours usually shown on sign.
28 Do not pass other vehicles going in the same direction as you in this zone.
29 Right lane ends ; merge left.
30 Not a through street.
31 Sudden drop in the road. Careful during rainfall, may be filled with water.
32 Shoulder of road is soft. Do not leave road except in an emergency.
33 Narrow bridge
34 Detour, follow arrow.
35 One way traffic in direction of arrow.
36 Traffic lights ahead.
37 School zone. Follow speed limit when light is flashing.
38 School : children cross the road.
39 No pedestrians allowed here.
40 No parking : Tow away zone.
41+42 Broken white lines show that traffic comes from one direction. Center lane may be used for left turns from either direction.
43+44 Traffic lights
  • Steady Red: stop, do not go until the light is green.
  • Flashing Red : traffic from all directions must stop. Give the correct right-of-way. Steady Yellow : light changes to red, be ready to stop.
  • Flashing Yellow : caution.
  • Steady Green : Go Green Arrow : only proceed in that direction.
  • Lights not working : traffic from all directions must stop. First vehicle to reach intersection should move first.
45 Sign posted where parking is not allowed (within 15 ft of fire hydrant, 20 ft of intersection, 50 ft of railroad crossing etc.)
46 Advance warning of railroad crossing (about 300 ft). Look, listen and be prepared to stop.
47 Sign to either side of railroad tracks. Slow down, look and listen before crossing
48+49 Yellow lines show that traffic comes from both sides.
  • Broken yellow line : you may pass on left, look for oncoming traffic.
  • Solid yellow line on right side of broken yellow line: passing or crossing is prohibited, except when turning left.
  • Double yellow : passing not allowed in either direction. Do not cross unless making a left turn.