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It is also important to know the CPK when buying a new vehicleA few important factors to look at is:1) Price of the vehilce
2) Finance charges
3) Insurance on the vehicle
4) Fuel consumption
5) Cost of tyres
6) General maintenance
7) Driver style and behavior
8) Tracking device for security and general monitor and driving

Just wanted to say that I've renewed my membership and therefore cover any and all of my needs - and more. Thanks alot!

Transport Solutions
Our transport management solutions are designed to enable the effective and efficient management of the delivery of goods within the supply chain. Having the real-time visibility of vehicle movements against a delivery plan enables the proactive management of issues as they arise during the day. We have the ability to plan vehicle routes whether long-haul or multi-drop local delivery and track delivery progress in real-time to measure driver performance utilising global best-of-breed market leading technologies.

Services Offered
 Live vehicle tracking
 Driver & engine management
 Advanced fleet & engine management tools
 Route planning & optimisation
 Fleet sizing optimisation
 Cold chain temperature real-time monitoring
 Electronic proof of delivery
 24/7 call centre and national recovery
Potential benefits
 Increased services levels on-time in full deliveries
 Reduced unauthorised use of company vehicles
 Reduction in number of unrecoverable loads from vehicle hijacks
 Improved vehicle utilisation
 Reduced transport costs
 Improved control & accuracy of delivery documentation
 Improved stock traceability
 Flexibility and scalability