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GoldMore than 35% of Americans have unpaid debts that have been turned over to debt collectors, according to a 2014 study by the Urban Institute. Most of these debts are from credit cards or hospital bills, but also include student loans, auto loans, and mortgages, which account for nearly $11.4 trillion USD in total American consumer debt. Based on records from September 2013, the average debt turned over to collection agencies was reported at $5,178 USD. Invest your savings into earth metals by clicking here

The American Buffalo Coin, or Gold Buffalo, is the only coin ever minted by the United States and offered to the public that is composed of pure 24k gold (.9999). Production of these coins was authorized by Congress through the Presidential Coin Act of 2005 or law 109-145, which called for the manufacture of a 24k gold coin with a face value of $50. The first American Buffalo Coins appeared the following summer.
The Presidential Coin Act of 2005 was a piece of legislation put forward by senator John E. Sununu and was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 22 2005. It commissioned the production of several new american coins most of which depicted pictures of past american presidents. Minting 4 new coins a year, the law has lead to the creation of coins for important american leaders such as Andrew Jackson and Calvin Coolidge.