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It does matter where you live. Not a pleasant thing to think about or easy thing to do but we have to at least contemplate options depending on where we live. Anyone who lives in a major city anywhere in the world might consider moving because we know that air pollution increases insulin resistance and inflammation. We know that a huge amount of people are going to die from air pollution in the future.

California and western Canada have the special problem of radiation that is just beginning to concentrate off the coast in the ocean. Also coming across the Pacific in the air is an avalanche of mercury raining down on the west coast from coal fired plants in China. China is already a toxic hellhole. However, they are just as good at exporting pollution (see below) as they are at drowning the world with their products.

Chronic disease is the number-one killer in the United States, accounting for about four out of five deaths in America each year, yet most doctors have not the slightest idea of what is really causing this. They do not recognize the dangers of radiation nor that of mercury, even going as far as injecting mercury into six month old babies, and every year thereafter, with the mercury laced flu vaccine. Dentists still enjoy placing mercury toxic waste dumps inches from the brain via the mercury toxic silver amalgam fillings.

In California the lack of water pooled with toxic heavy metals and nuclear radiation coming from Japan and China will combine each year to create a chemical and radiation hell on earth. The operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has been dumping something like a thousand tons per day of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean and this will end up on the west coast where it will concentrate.

The entire Fukushima complex is leaking like a sieve, and the rivers of water pumped into the reactors every day are just pouring into the ocean. And yet the government isn’t measuring seawater or fish on the West Coast for radiation.

In California radiation levels are doomed to rise and rise again over the next few years as radiation levels go higher off the west coast then off the coast of Japan. Joke F Lübbecke of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and 3 scientists from the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences poured tracer dye into coastal waters off of Fukushima, and monitored its progress as it travelled to the West Coast of North America, to find out what might happen.

They revealed their results in a paper published by the journal Environmental Research Letters, which shows that the West Coast of North American could end up with 10 times more radioactive cesium 137 than the coastal waters off of Japan itself. “While the northern portion is gradually invading the Bering Sea, the main tracer patch reaches the coastal waters of North America after 5–6 years, with maximum relative concentrations ( > 1 × 10−4) covering a broad swath of the eastern North Pacific between Vancouver Island and Baja California. After 10 years the concentrations become nearly homogeneous over the whole Pacific, with higher values in the east, extending along the North American coast with a maximum (~1 × 10−4) off Baja California.”

Radiation levels are already headed into the danger zone. A professor from Japan’s Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (Michio Aoyama) told Kyodo in April that the West Coast of North America will be hit with around 800 terabecquerels of Cesium- 137 by 2016. EneNews noted that this is 80% of the cesium-137 deposited in Japan by Fukushima.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution of America announced in early April 2015 that they detected Cs-134 for the first time in a seawater sample from the shoreline of North America. Cs-134, with a half-life of only two years, is an unequivocal marker of Fukushima ocean contamination, said researchers.

A previously secret 1955 government report concluded that the ocean may not adequately dilute radiation from nuclear accidents. Indeed, nuclear expert Robert Alvarez – senior policy adviser to the Energy Department’s secretary and deputy assistant secretary for national security and the environment from 1993 to 1999 – wrote:

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According to a previously secret 1955 memo from the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission regarding concerns of the British government over contaminated tuna, “dissipation of radioactive fall-out in ocean waters is not a gradual spreading out of the activity from the region with the highest concentration to uncontaminated regions, but that in all probability the process results in scattered pockets and streams of higher radioactive materials in the Pacific. We can speculate that tuna which now show radioactivity from ingested materials have been living, in or have passed through, such pockets; or have been feeding on plant and animal life which has been exposed in those areas.”

Even "the smallest dose has the potential to cause a small increase in risk to humans says a 2006 report from the National ReII arch Council arm of the National Academy of Sciences. This report, known as BEIR VII, is the latest in a long series of radiation health reviews done at the behest of the federal government. Under this theory, risk rises as exposure accumulates over time.


Already three years ago it was reported by Gunderson, that people on the west coast of the United States and Canada, Hawaii and Alaska were bearing some of the worst of the radiation and people then, and now, are not taking evasive action. Gunderson said in an exclusive interview with Chris Martenson that, “I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April of 2011, the average person in Seattle breathed in 5-10 hot particles a day, depending on how active they are.The average human being breathes about 10 meters a day of air, cubic meters of air. And the air out in the Seattle area are detecting, when they pull 10 cubic meters through them, this is in April now, so we are in the end of May so it is a better situation now. That air filter will have 10 hot particles on it. And that was before the unit four issue. What I am advising is keep your windows closed. I would definitely wear some sort of a filter if I was outside.” We will discuss these “hot particles” in greater detail in the next chapter.

The Toxic Threat of Mercury Pollution

States that are reporting the highest levels of
mercury emissions also have the highest rates of
developmental disorders including autism.
Dr. John Palmer

Unfortunately for Californians radiation is not the only thing raining down on them. Power plants in the U.S. put 48 tons of mercury a year into the atmosphere through burning coalChina spews 600 tons of mercury into the air each year, accounting for a great part of the world’s non-natural emissions. And the volume is rising quickly with more coal-fired energy plants now under construction in China than exists in the entire country of England. China all by itself is bringing on a mercury crisis. By 2020, China will have nearly 1,000 gigawatts of total electricity-generating capacity, more than twice the current amount, according to the State Power Economic Research Center.

The FDA says that 2 to 3 thousand tons of metallic mercury is being released into the air from manmade sources. Chemical radioactivity is an appropriate phrase to describe the process whereby mercury and other chemicals are causing disease rates to soar. And what has already arrived gets worse with the hundreds of millions of tons of toxic chemicals that get produced and added to the human biosphere each year. Everyone now has to live and breathe in the context of a dangerous chemical cloud with radioactive-like fallout penetrating our human skin. Having failed to destroy ourselves with radioactive clouds from atomic bombs, we have managed to muddle through and threaten ourselves through chemical means. Now with the use of depleted uranium weapons it is actually the mixture of clouds of chemicals and radioactivity that is threatening us.

Mercury pollution is making its way into nearly every habitat in the U.S., exposing countless species of wildlife to potentially harmful levels, a September 2006 report from the National Wildlife Federation shows. “From songbirds to alligators, turtles to bats, eagles to otters, mercury is accumulating in nearly every corner of the food chain,” says Catherine Bowes, Northeast Program Manager for the National Wildlife Federation and principal author of the report. “This report paints a compelling picture of mercury contamination in the U.S., and many more species are at risk than we previously thought. Fish, long thought to be the key species affected by mercury, are just the tip of the iceberg.” People forget all too easily that humanity is also an animal species and the same thing that his happening to these animals is happening to us.

Radiation Will Keep Creeping Up

Child with birth defects after Chernobyl  The Chernobyl reactor had about 180 tonnes of fresh and used nuclear fuel.  We went from hospital to hospital and from one contaminated village to another.  We found deformed and genetically mutated babies in the wards; pitifully sick children in the homes; adolescents with stunted growth and dwarf torsos; foetuses without thighs or fingers and villagers who told us every member of their family was sick.  Photo Internet

Child with birth defects after Chernobyl

John Vidal wrote, “In 2006 I visited the still highly contaminated areas of Ukraine and the Belarus border where much of the radioactive plume from Chernobyl descended on 26 April 1986.

“It was grim. We went from hospital to hospital and from one contaminated village to another. We found deformed and genetically mutated babies in the wards; pitifully sick children in the homes; adolescents with stunted growth and dwarf torsos; fetuses without thighs or fingers and villagers who told us every member of their family was sick.

“This was 20 years after the accident but we heard of many unusual clusters of people with rare bone cancers. One doctor, in tears, told us that one in three pregnancies in some places was malformed and that she was overwhelmed by people with immune and endocrine system disorders.

“Others said they still saw cesium and strontium in the breast milk of mothers living far from the areas thought to be most affected, and significant radiation still in the food chain. Villages testified that ‘the Chernobyl necklace’—thyroid cancer—was so common as to be unremarkable; many showed signs of accelerated aging.

“The doctors and scientists who have dealt directly with the catastrophe said that the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency’s ‘official’ toll, through its Chernobyl Forum, of 50 dead and perhaps 4,000 eventual fatalities was insulting and grossly simplistic.”

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